What did you do today?


So yeah.   I spent the say with my wonderful cast and crew from Henchmen. We took a trip to WonderCon  to do so me old fashioned promotion.   Walking around all day passing out Henchmen swag.  It was truly a great experience.   What did you do today?





We had a great day out here at wondercon.  Thanks you everyone who helped promote Henchmen.



Here I am again


Standing outside myself

Looking at who we used to be

Where did we go wrong

Will we ever know


Choking on the smoke

A thousand cigarettes

Another empty bottle

Closer to death


When will this end

Tears filling her eyes

I wish I had the answers

To all of her questions


Where do we find the will

To fight for this world

That has left us

Standing in the rain


Should I walk away

Leave it all behind

She’s harder to leave

Than the best painkillers


I really have no choice

Time to leave it all here

And wait for the next time

That i’m here again

I’d like to think…


That I’m stronger than this
And it will all go away
Is it s stupid question
Or simple truth

Its the same old fight
Every single day
This fake plastic smile
Can only go so far

Every wall I put up
Quickly crashes down on me
I can only fake it
For so long

Searching for salvation
In my maze of thoughts
Looking for a way
To find redemption

Here on the edge
A whole world in front of me
And a bottomless pit behind me
Which way should I go

We all know the answer
The only clear choice
Look deep inside ourselves
For the strength to fight

It won’t be easy
And it’ll hurt like hell
But when its finally over
I’ll still be here

Black Out The Son


I was once king of your world
The first born child
Smiling all the time
A happy little monster

It all changed one day
I never asked why
Just sat back
And watched you change

I started to wonder
Is it all my fault
Finally accepting it
And hating myself

Had I known the truth
I would have fought
With everything I have
To keep it from winning

That monster stole you from us
Took your life away
Laughing in our faces
As it blacked out your sons

And now we’re here alone
Forever without you
Fighting a war worth winning
One we will not lose

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Going through the pictures
There’s a smile on your face
It was  so long ago
Feels like yesterday

A completely different person
Standing before me now
Looking for answers
To the questions in my mind

Did we let the dream die
Or simply lose sight
Of every thing we loved
How can this be right

Always looking for thruth
In a world full of lies
Diet coke and cigarettes
A false sense of perfection

Slowly I start to see
The person in the picture
A happy little kid
Who used to be me

Sometimes my thoughts run wild.


Writing has always come natural to me.  In fact sometimes its so easy it scares me.  Now that I’m jumping back into it,  I’ve noticed a few things.

Reading through some poems I found online. Two things became apparent.   There is an immense amount of talent out there.  It actually makes me happy knowing that there are so many talented young writers out there. 

The other thing I’ve noticed is something that scares the hell out of me.  The art of storytelling is dying.  However you choose to look at it, the world has become obsessed with things like Jersey Shore and “Swag”. 

Everywhere I look, I see kids looking up to Drake, Lil Wayne and Pauly D.  What happened to Shakespeare,  Chaucer and Poe?

The only thing that renews my faith in our society,  is knowing that there are still people out there that are truing to save this dying art.  People like William Camacho, Ricky Tolson, Reko Moreno and Kat Castaneda.  I have been lucky enough to read work done by all four of them.

It makes me think, it inspires me and it has made me cry.  I’m left with one thought.  I hope I never have to explain what a book is.