Buried Beneath

Buried Beneath
What lies beneath
The rolling hills and Man-made waterfalls
In our hearts
We have all heard it
Over and over again
You can be anything you want
If you work for it  

They always ask
What you want to be
When you grow up
And when you finally tell them  

Oh you’re such a dreamer
That’s impossible
Go to school and get a job
Make something of yourself  

That’s not what I want to be
Just another cookie cutter image
A face without a name
Living in the shadows    

Can you feel it growing
The passion in your heart
Fueling the fire within
Do you even want to contain it

We all know the answer
We must let it out
Shine our light on the world
That has lost its shimmer  

Time can only tell
Who will hear your message
And who will truly listen
To the call of greatness  

It’s not beyond our reach
We are all capable
Of changing the world
With a single word


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