Time to rant…

I’m going to try to keep this one short because I’m frustrated.  The other day I saw a lady struggling to push her disabled son in a wheelchair.  So I thought to myself “Let me get the door for her.”  Her response was like a slap in the face.  Not only did I not get a thank you but I also got this look of disgust.  

It didn’t bother me until she spoke.  She said ” I didn’t expect someone who looks like you to hold the door for me.”  I was shocked, so I asked what she meant by that.  Apparently because I have tattoos and piercings I’m evil.  I asked this lady if she ever read.  After she said yes i asked her if the cover of the book ever gave away the whole story.  When she said no, I smiled.  As I walked away I said “Think of me as a book, I have some art on the outside but I also have a whole story inside,”  I was rather proud of myself.  I made this lady think twice about being a judgmental asshat without using a single bad word. 


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