Why do we do what we do?

I’ve been questioning this a lot lately.  Every one of my friends has at least one thing they do well.  Some of them are musicians, some are actors and some write.  We don’t choose what we are good at.  We were able to see where or strong point lie and nurture them. 

For most of us these things didn’t come easy.  The actors take classes, the musicians take lessons and the writers write.  We are constantly doing things to help improve our selected craft. 

This ends to raise questions.  I get asked at least once a week why I write.  Usually I just chock it up to the fact that riting was one of the few things I felt I was good at.  So I took at and ran with it.  I’ve been writing for years now.  At the same time I’m stdying other’s work and reading books on stye and technique. 

I’ve been told many times that I need to develope my own style.  That I shouldn’t read work by other writers because it willinfluence my writing.  That is exacly what I want.  Why should I stick to just one style when I write? 

I write because I love it.  Its what I do.  So just like everything else, i’m going to get as good as I can possibly get.  I will write nything I can possibly write.  This is my story, and ‘m going to tell it.


One thought on “Why do we do what we do?

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