I Used To Be

I used to be such a negative person
It ruled every part of my life
Even now as I look back
I have no regrets

Everything I’ve been through
Whether it was good or bad
Has turned my into someone
Who is more than willing to fight

It won’t be physical
That’s not who Iam
My words are my waepons
Against all that is holding me down

In this quiet place
With a pen in my hand
Your world means nothing to me
My world is in this page

There is a light here
That can’t be blacked out
It comes from the fire in my eyes
No one will take it away

I used to feel like a bull in a china shop
A clumsy little kid in a grown up world
Now I’m like a china doll in a bull pen
Stepping into the unknown

Now I know where I’m going
And who’s coming with me
Believe me it’s not many
I can cunt them on on hand


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