Born With A Silver Spoon

Sitting alone in your room
Watching your dreams boil up in a spoon
The same old questions in your head
Why were you cursed with this

You flinch as the needle finds its home
This is getting harder and harder
Where did you go wrong
Everything was handed to you

Maybe you just got bored
Never having to work for anything
Now you struggle everyday
To cop another fix

The mirror was broken long ago
Couldn’t stand the person it it
Refusing to accept the fact
That it was you in there

Sit back and relax
The poison starts to work
This shit is great
Or so you think

Soon the feeling dies off
Reality comes crashing down on you again
What the hell is wrong with me
How many times are you going to ask

You silver spoon comes out again
Before the sickness sets in
Another fix to fight the pain
This one just happened to be the last

When they found your body
It was as cold as my heart
I loved you more than life
But you loved the drug more


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