Did you ever have big dreams???

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about being in the entertainment business.  So many people told me it wasn’t possible that I actually started to believe it. 

I don’t know about any of my readers but it’s a really messed up feeling “knowing” that you can never be what you really want to be.  I lost hope.  The depression sets in and the world loses it’s magic. 

You become a robot.  Constantly running on auto pilot and all that jazz.  Life loses it’s sense of wonder and you really have no desire to live.  Then things happen.

I was recently asked to work on an upcoming webseries called Henchmen.  It wasn’t something that happened by chance.  My best friend wrote the script.  This is a man that I have had the privilege of knowing for more than half of my life.  We were in theatre together and in a band together as well. 

Anyway, it started out with me being the boom operator and a production assistant.  William knew about my dreams, hell he knows me better than I know myself.  I was not prepared for what would come out of working on Henchmen.

Out of the long days and late nights came something I never would have seen coming.   I was never really confident in what I did.  I always felt I was mediocre at best.  Then people I barely knew started commenting on how I was willing to stay up all night making props and building various pieces of equipment then wake up super early and do it all over again.

I met some amazingly talented people on the set as well.  I always had this vision of actors being stuck up and self centered.  I could not have been anymore wrong.  I happened to meet one person on the set who completely changed my view of actors and entertainers. Reko Moreno plyed one of the lead charactors in Henchmen. 

We spent a lot of time on set.  I was no surprise that we strted chatting it up between takes and became close.  I never thought he would eventually ask me to work on a project let alone his personal project.  Then one day I got a call from him.  He was asking me to help out with Newlywed and Broke.  There are no words to describe how that felt.

Of course I said yes.  I knew it was going to be a challenge since I don’t own a car at the moment.  I wsn’t going to ask for a ride or ask to be pid because I flelt honored to be sked to be a part of it.  I strted putting away money to rent a car and pay for a hotel room.  Then I got another call.  Reko not only offered to drive almost two hours to pick me up and even offered to let me stay in his home during the shoot. 

To be completely honest I was shocked.  Here was a person I barely knew going out of his way to include me.  I ended up spending four days With Reko, Kat and Rob.  Reko and I got really close.  Once again I met more amazing people on set.  I even met some of his close friends. 

I ended up meeting the person that played one of my favorite characters in End of Watch.  We had some great conversations and all of that good stuff.  AllI could really think was how awesome it was to make more friends.  Well one of the people I met just asked my to be a part of a feature film that he is directing.  Long story short my dreams are coming true all because of William and Reko.  Thank you guys.

Pretty soon I’ll tell you guys about working with some of the other people I have the chance to work with.


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