Sharing something really deep.

So… the last seven months of my life have been crazy.  I can’t believe how much has changed since then.  Certain events in life have a way of changing the way you look at things.

I’m going to start this story from a point where I was sitting in a hospital bed after overdosing on Ativan.  I had gtten to a point where I seriously hated the person I had become.  I don’t really remember much until I woke up in a different hospital.

Even when I was there I didn’t believe anyone would want to be there for me after I did what I did.  I could not have been more wrong.  There were a few people that stuck by me.  I can’t even begin to thank them enough.

I was not prepared for life outside of the hospital setting.  I didn’t sleep for days after coming home.  There were two people that constantly checked on me.  Will and Tony, you guys didn’t have to check on me everyday.  I truly appreciate everything.

Even though we don’t speak everyday I love these guys like brothers.  They constantly push me to do bigger and better things.  Will even made sure to involve me in his latest project even though we both know that there are penty of people that can do a better job than I can. 

All that aside,  if it wasn’t for Henchmen I would have not been able to stay positive.  Throwing myself completely into this project has done two things for me.  First it has helped me with my confidence issues and depression. Second it has showed me that my dreams can come true.

While on set I have met some people that have changed my life. I could drop names for days but I’ll keep it short.  Rick, Reko, Blair, Sonny and Morgan.  You guys have been absolutely amazing to work with.  You guys are just the new faces.  Nikki, Tim and Oscar I’ve known you guys for years and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Henchmen has opened up so many possibilities.  Being asked to work on Newlywed and Broke with Reko and Kat was the first step.  Once again I met more amazing and positive people.  Alfredo and David thank you guys. 

It scares me to think about how close I came to losing it all because of a moment of weakness.  We all have our days. Some of us have even looked death in the face.  Take it from someone who has been there and bounced back with a new outlook, it does get better.  Even when you think no one is there someone is always in your corner.  I could not have done it without the love and support from my family and friends.  You guys are amazing and I am truly thankful for every single one of you. 


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