Everyone Has A Story Part 2

It’s no secret that I am constantly learning from those around me.  I have had a chance to work withh the incredibly talented Morgan Poferl.   Heres what she had to say when I asked her some questions. 

Mike: Would you please introduce yourself to the readers of dontquestionfate.wordpress.com? (please include a brief bio if you like with a website where readers can check you out.
Morgan: Hello! I’m Morgan Poferl! A San Francisco Bay Area native, boxed wine aficionado, avid ‘terrible movie’ watcher, only child with an affinity for all things ‘acting’.

Mike: We all know that life isn’t easy would you care to share a story about a time that was particularly rough on you?  
Morgan: My mom is bi-polar, Manic/Depressive and my dad was never in the picture. After a bout of my mom trying to self-medicate, it was decided that I go live with my mom’s younger sister. The transition between life with my mom to life with my aunt was by far the hardest experience I’ve had.    

Mike: What kind of effect did that have on you dy to day life?  How did it impact your relationsips with those around you?

Morgan: Prior to ‘the move’ (sounds so ominous ) I was used to a living essentially out of a suitcase. My mother’s illness made her an unpredictable tenant and unreliable employee, so I moved a lot the first eight years of my life. So, when I settled into my aunts’, I had a hard time taking root. Making friends at school became a difficult task, as I did not know if I was going to be in their lives in the next months, or even weeks. By far, the biggest effect was not keeping in contact with my mom. Wondering where she was and how she was doing dominated my thoughts. Well, worrying about my mom and wondering if Leo DiCaprio would be on the cover of Tiger Beat grabbed my attention span.  

Mike: How did you get past all of it?  What was your motivation to overcome the rough patch?  

Morgan: As in most things (of course on different scales) time is the greatest healer. My mother made a lot of bad choices, but they served as some of the greatest life lessons for me. I saw the path she went down and I knew I deserved something better. It would’ve been a disservice to all those who helped rear me if I hadn’t seen those shortcomings as gifts, almost.  

Mike: Tell us about your life right now. Is it going the way you thought it would?

Morgan: Well, my timeline is a little… behind,  But I’m determined to reach the goals I’ve put in place for myself. I feel more focused and driven and I can only attribute that to the road I’ve traveled thus far.  

Mike: What advice would you have for someone going through tough times?

Morgan: Look to those standing beside you. You are NEVER alone.  

Mike: Do you think it will be easier to deal with obstacles in life now that you have been through some of them?

Morgan: Definitely. I welcome the rough days as I know it’ll make the better ones brighter. They give us strength and definition. They also carve out a connection to someone else going through similar trials. Isn’t that what art, or living is all about? Connecting out to our fellow human beings?  

Mike: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers such as websites, projects, or encourgement?

Morgan: Always, ALWAYS educate yourself. Everyday should be a new opportunity to learn. Also, time though out your day to laugh! If you have never read anything by David Sedaris, he just came out with a new collection of essays called “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls”. I’ve had several moments where I’ve called people into the room where I’m reading just to read excerpts aloud. Most importantly, do what you love. Refuse to settle for anything less.


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