We All Have A Story To Tell Part One

I recently got the chance to work with a very talented writer/photographer and a bunch of other this I’m too tired to list right now.  After many long hours on set and many conversations I have learned we are not that different.  Here is a short interview with Rick Tolson.

Mike: Would you please introduce yourself to the readers of dontquestionfate.wordpress.com? (please include a brief bio if you like with a website where readers can check you out.  
Ricky: My name is Ricky Tolson. Or Rick, Though Ricky comes up more and more I am originally from Ontario California, and spent most of my life there. Currently I am a freelance Screen Writer and Raconteur. I do not have a website or anything so fancy, but I do Have FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, ETC….  

M: We all know that life isn’t easy would you care to share a story about a time that was particularly rough on you?

R:Growing up where I did I was surrounded by Drug users, pushers, hustlers dealers thieves, gangsters, both kinds; The kind that smile while they stab you and the others who only look the part. Meth was my neighborhoods’ drug of choice. I watched it rape the world around me like a plague. My family was not immune to it. I dealt with drug raids, CPS, my mother sleeping for days at a time, my uncle dealing in front of me. My brothers growing older and getting addicted. Like I said a plague. A fucking plague that rots you from the inside until there is nothing good left in you. My mother took a bad hit of the shit. And lost her life. It is why I never knew a fathers love. I never fell to it. But it fucked me just the same.  

M:What kind of effect did that have on you dy to day life?  How did it impact your relationsips with those around you?  
R: I sort of answered this in question two. But to elaborate, I learned not to trust very many people. I had to bottle up everything and lock it away. Being the good kid made me the black sheep. No matter how many people I fought. No how hard I tried I’d always be the pussy. My father hated me for being born. Knowing this. I shut down. I hurt a lot of people physically and emotionally. My self most of all. Mostly because I didn’t know how to deal with what was going on inside me as I tried to sort out what was going on around me.

M: How did you get past all of it?  What was your motivation to overcome the rough patch?  

R: Honestly I made a conscious Decision. That I personally give credit to God for. By all reason I should have fallen into the drug trap. I made a decision. I knew how wrong everything around me was from a very young age. I broke The cycle even as it continued to consume those around me.  
M: Tell us about your life right now. Is it going the way you thought it would?  

R: My life as it is, is still a work in progress. But I have made huge strides. I am actively writing, graduating from college. I am clean have no jail record…lol…. Am married and live a very normal life. And that is a good thing. I recognize I still have a lot to grow, and to accomplish, and though I am not as far along in life as I would wish, I am making progress. And hungry for more. And have the satisfaction that nothing I have has ever been handed to me.  

M: What advice would you have for someone going through tough times?  

R: Never EVER give up. Life sucks, it’s a God damned fact. BUT you have the power to make it better, and make an impact. Its about making a choice. Sit and rot and die an empty soulless shell of a person. Or fight and go down swinging. Do what you do because you love it.  

M: Do you think it will be easier to deal with obstacles in life now that you have been through some of them?  

R: Some things yes, some no. I thought I was prepared for my mothers death. I was not. I think I am for others in my family. Deep down I dread it. I am fortunate to have a awesome support system now. And am better equipped to deal with life’s bullshittery.   8.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers such as websites, projects, or encourgement?   We all have purpose. ALL OF US. Its not always easy finding out what that is. Keep moving. We are all meant to attain our goals at different times. Patience is the hardest part of succsess.


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