Everyone Has A Story Part 3

So… the next person who was crazy enough to agree to let me interview them was my good friend Niki.  She is

Quickly becoming someone I look up to (even though I’m 3 years older).  Here’s what she had to say.

Mike: Would you please introduce yourself to the readers of dontquestionfate.wordpress.com? (please include a brief bio if you like with a website where readers can check you out.

Niki: Hi, I’m Niki a cat-loving, tea addicted, madly in love 24 year old living in the outskirts of LA. I take extreme pleasure in being creative and dressing up, Lol, you can check out my personal style blog at LoveNiki.com

M:  We all know that life isn’t easy would you care to share a story about a time that was particularly rough on you?

I don’t have one particular story to share rather, I’d like to share with you the feelings & thoughts that greatly impacted and shaped me as I was growing up.

N: I had the toughest time understanding the idea of self-worth & acceptance. Learning that I, as all people do, deserved the best and had incredible value as a person was a concept that alluded me for years on end. I spent wasted so much time trying to please others and be the person I thought I should be rather than the person I was.

M: What kind of effect did that have on your day to day life? How did it impact your relationships with those around you?

N: I constantly accepted less than I deserved. I found myself in unhappy, and unhealthy relationships and situations that brought about nothing but emotional distress, confusion, and a lowered self-esteem.

M: How did you get past all of it? What was your motivation to overcome the rough patch?

N: I never stopped trying to improve. I read tons of articles on self-improvement. I expanded and explored my relationship with God. And my relationship with myself. Then there came a point where all the pieces fell into place. The worked I put in paid off.

I have to admit, all the rough patches I’ve been through seem like they’re lifetimes away. It’s almost as if my painful experiences and memories belong to another person entirely. And in many ways, they do.

I am nowhere near the person I used to be.

M: Tell us about your life right now. Is it going the way you thought it would?

N: Yes! Life is pretty freaking amazing right now and improving by the day.

M: What advice would you have for someone going through tough times?

N: You have more power than you realize. You can literally shape your life into whatever you want it to be. But don’t get me wrong, good things don’t come to those who sit around wishing for them. You have to put in the time and effort. Just as you would build your dream house brick by brick, you have to build your dream life piece by piece.

M: Do you think it will be easier to deal with obstacles in life now that you have been through some of them?

N: Absolutely. I feel empowered and in control, not of life itself , but of the way I respond to it, and my ability to shape the future. God willingly of course 😉

N: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers such as websites, projects, or encouragement?

Breathe. Know your worth. And hold no one else accountable for the quality or state of your life except for yourself.

I’m currently pursuing one of my creative dreams at LoveNiki.com. I hope to inspire women to embrace who they are and to have fun with fashion. ( and life!)


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