Mayhem V.3

Nothing could stop the happy dance now… I had this mother fucker right where I wanted him.  I could smell the fear on his breath.  He’s been tied to this chair for almost 24 hours.  I haven’t decided how I was gonna make him pay yet.  I needed a break.

The drugs were starting to wear off now.  Even though I needed more,  I didn’t really like the idea of putting more Adderall up my nose.  Pacing back and forth in the bathroom,  It hit me.  I had stronger shit in the kitchen.  This is going to be fun.

As I took the needle out of my arm, I could feel it.  Rushing through my veins,  like a wild fire.  Staring at myself in the mirror, admiring the fucking monster I had become.  I had another thought.  If this shit keeps me awake,  what would it do to the son of a bitch tied to that chair in the other room?


I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I got the shot ready.  I’ve never given anyone a shot before.  Truthfully, I was fucking scared of needles.  It didn’t matter, I had to keep my friend going.  The was no way I was going to let him slip int shock while the party was going on.  I mean, come on.  I had four fucking years to make up for.

I knew the exact moment the drugs took effect.  His pupils were pin points, his face flush and he was sweating.

“Wanna make a little wager?” I asked him

Of course he couldn’t answer, his mouth was taped shut.

I peeled a tiny corner of the tape back.  Just enough to get a decent grip on it.  Then it happened…  I lost control for a brief second.  Just long enough to violently rip the tape from the mouth of the beast.  The scream that came with it was so satisfying.

“ANSWER ME!!!” I screamed.  Trying as hard as I could to make myself seem bigger than I was.

“Wha, what do you want?”  He could barely get it out.

“Here’s how this is going to work.  I’m gonna untie you, I’ll let you go if you can make it to the restroom in one piece.”  He didn’t know what I had planned.

As I took the tape off of his ankles, I snipped his Achilles tendons.  I knew he wouldn’t make it more than two steps before his face became intimately acquainted with the floor.  This was all part of the plan.

“Run, you little fucking piece of hammered dog shit!”

I’ll never forget the sound his head made when it hit the floor…


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