Blood on Your Hands


When you look at me
Through your hate filled eyes
What is it that you see
Fear and rage disguised

Something burns deep within
Blood boiling filed with rage
Like peeling off my own skin
Alone in the night

Trying to be the one you want
Losing sight of who I am
Please don’t get caught
With my blood on your hands

I’ll justify your every move
Because I don’t want to die alone
What ever it is you have to prove
With you heart made of stone


Life in Black And White


I never thought I’d be here
Still alive and kickin
Building myself back up
From the nothing that I was

Lost sight of who I was
Became something I hated
Nothing more than a minion
To my own thoughts

It had to end somehow
Maybe it was the wrong way to change
Or maybe I never needed you at all
I don’t need to answer that question

Part of me still cares
What everyone else thinks
Deep down inside I know
That I will be what I will be

The self loathing
Never really goes away
Living life in black and white
Faking it every step of the way

Now as I stand at the top
Of my own little world
The color comes flooding in
Laughter fills the empty spaces

Looking back at who I was
Knowing I will never myself
Get that low again
Nothing can steal my smile

What Am I Doing Here?


They say that dream come true
I can’t say I ever belived it
So close to death at my own hand
Will I bounce back this time

Wake up and head straight to the set
Let’s forget the world and make magic
Superheros and evil villains
Or maybe the heroes are the evil ones

We can change the world
One man at a time
I don’t need a cape
I’m bound to fly

A million questions with no answers
Will we even know just why we’re here
Or why things turnd out the way they did
Don’t stress about it too much

Life turns around when you least expect
It had a funny way of working itself out
Went from everything to nothing
And back around again

I’ll never forget who was there
When everyone else turned away
We all know life ain’t fair
But there is another way

I Used To Be


I used to be such a negative person
It ruled every part of my life
Even now as I look back
I have no regrets

Everything I’ve been through
Whether it was good or bad
Has turned my into someone
Who is more than willing to fight

It won’t be physical
That’s not who Iam
My words are my waepons
Against all that is holding me down

In this quiet place
With a pen in my hand
Your world means nothing to me
My world is in this page

There is a light here
That can’t be blacked out
It comes from the fire in my eyes
No one will take it away

I used to feel like a bull in a china shop
A clumsy little kid in a grown up world
Now I’m like a china doll in a bull pen
Stepping into the unknown

Now I know where I’m going
And who’s coming with me
Believe me it’s not many
I can cunt them on on hand

Am I Crazy?


You say I’m crazy
Maybe I’m just free
Don’t cross my path
Or you just might find out

You have your heroes
Useless Rock Stars
And your biggest fears
Monster movie men

Welcome to my world
This is the place you fear
The monsters roam this place
It’s all in your head

They’ll drive you from your home
Taking over your mind
Before you know it
They run your life

Mr. Meyers, Mr. Kreuger
Taking pleasure in making you bleed
Hiding in the night
Making you fear the outside

Find yourself sitting in a chair
Hands and feet are bound
Mr. Todd waiting to take your head
Open your eyes and you’re safe at home

Left Out


Sometimes we feel like no one is there
We’re all alone in the little world
Something we created as a shelter
From the harsh words and dirty looks

A life of self exile
Some would all it isolation
But you call it protection
Who knows what it really is

Does it matter to anyone but you
After all you’re safe here
Sitting by the fire
Writing down your thoughts

They came to try to save you
Only to do more harm
You weren’t ready to leave yet
But they’ve forced your hand

They’re screams could pierce steel
And the blood burns like acid
They can keep coming and fighting
But they’ll never take you alive

Poison Apple


Charity born from malevolence
A gift that’ sure to bring pain
A single evil being
Hiding among the innocent

You know something is wrong
When you take the first bite
Where did this gift come from
Who left this for you

Try to gasp for air
Your throat is swelling shut
You wold give anything
For just one breath

It quickly sets in
This wasn’t just an apple
There was something inside
That was laced with evil

Two Million Miles


Just another normal day
Or so we thought
Rolling out of bed
Its time to work

Two million miles above
The pale blue dot
Known as Earth
The place we call home

Just when we thought it was safe
The scream cuts through
What’s going on
Is everyone safe

And then you see it
A bloody pile of parts
That used to be a body
A body we used to call the boss

There are only ten people here
It had to be one of them
But who could it be
Who could be capable of this

You start to notice things
It starts to unfold
Everything is out of place
Someone has finally snapped

Flashbacks in hi def
Horrible mental images
The killer has shown himself
What have you done

Mr. Meyers


You all know his name
The one who shows no fear
He’s coming for you tonight
You better run for your life

You can’t see his face
Just a blank white stare
You’ll never hear him coming
A cold silent killer

Can you see him in the window
Now he’s upstairs
Where will he go next
I’ll never let you know

Just when you think you’re safe
There he is again
Waiting to take you with him
Good Ol’ Mr. Meyers