Blood on Your Hands


When you look at me
Through your hate filled eyes
What is it that you see
Fear and rage disguised

Something burns deep within
Blood boiling filed with rage
Like peeling off my own skin
Alone in the night

Trying to be the one you want
Losing sight of who I am
Please don’t get caught
With my blood on your hands

I’ll justify your every move
Because I don’t want to die alone
What ever it is you have to prove
With you heart made of stone


You never know…


You never know how much someone will change your life when you first meet them.  Some will be nothing more than a person to hang out with and some will be the driving force behind your biggest dreams. 

I’ve been pretty lucky.  There are a few people in my life that have pushed me to continue writing.  When I was dicussing starting a blog with a friend, I would never have thought that I would hae people in other countries reading my poems  To tell the truth, I didn’t think anyone would read them at all.

All of the love you guys have showed me since I started this has made me realize something.  I have a story to tell.  It’s not always goos and it’s not always happy.  I can say this.  Even though I have been through some pretty rough things in my life, it does get better.  I truly hope that someone who is going through the same things I went through sees this and takes something from it. 

If this blog helps one person,  I’ll be happy.  You guys are all amazing.  I say this with every intention of keeping my word.  I will answer any and every email you guys send me.  Whether it’s a question or comment, you want me to read something you wrote or you just need to vent. 

Much love and respect,

Other Side of Me


I stare at the kid in the mirror
Is this who I’ve become
All the pain and the fear in my eyes
A flash of hate in my eyes

It’s not supposed to be like this
Stuck in a place
The world is leaving me behind
Its like a living time lapse photo

The words hit like bricks
Sticks and stones
Blah blah blah lah
I know it doesn’t work like that

Take it all in and bottle it up
A ticking time bomb of hate
Just waiting for a break
The perfect moment to realease

Everything I’ve heard
Over and over and over
You’ve changed into something
That no one wants to see

A different peron
Holding nothing sacred
I’d like to introduce you to
The oter side of me